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It’s always great to receive a warm reception, and this is especially important when you are a candidate or volunteer knocking on a stranger’s door during election season. Nothing tops grassroots campaign efforts like in-person contact to get your message out, and ActionSprout can help you make the most out of that critical moment and improve the canvassing experience for everyone.

“[ActionSprout] is the reason why so many folks knew about Sharon when we knocked on their doors. The ‘I’ve seen her on Facebook!’ is very common while canvassing!” 

— Holly Knutson, Campaign Manager

Step 1 – Share a story a day

Begin by engaging people daily with stories that really affect them. It’s best to repost content from news sources and other Example Facebook PostFacebook pages. By framing these curated posts with a little information about your stance on the topics in the story, you can educate about your campaign platform, show that you’re engaged with the issues at play in your community and prime neighborhoods for canvassing — while also delivering a post your voters genuinely care about.

Follow topics your campaign is focused on in the Stories section of ActionSprout, and you will have a constantly refreshed feed of the best trending stories — plus you’ll also get recommended stories that are hand-curated by subject matter experts in a number of the top issue areas. 

Then, simply share the stories you like. ActionSprout will help you schedule them out over the next week, so there is always a new story ready to publish each day at the optimal time. Learn more about story curation here.

Step 2 – Prime neighborhoods with Facebook Ads

Instead of publishing specific messages at predefined points in the campaign, it’s better to use a flexible, responsive ad strategy backed by ActionSprout. Don’t sink production dollars into making a few expensive political ads; instead, use small amounts of spending to boost the daily news stories that you are posting. 

The week before a canvassing push, select people who live in neighborhoods you will be visiting using Facebook ads — your campaign and volunteers will see a big effect. These ads prime neighborhoods and soften the

Screenshot of neighborhood listground for canvassers, who will now find that many voters are already familiar with – and friendly to – the campaign. Instead of having to start from scratch, you will be able to reinforce name recognition and get deeper into your campaign platform. 

You can set up these ads very easily after scheduling a post in ActionSprout. Simply pick the neighborhoods you care about and the types of people you want to reach. For many neighborhoods, a budget as low as $20 per story can be highly effective. But no matter the size of your ads campaign, be sure you’re up to date on Facebook’s political ads standards so you don’t waste any time or money on ads no one will see.

Step 3 – On-the-ground selfies galore 

Take pictures while canvassing that include the candidate in them, and post them from your phone. What a great way to share your grassroots efforts and engage the folks you meet on-the-ground! Then, use ActionSprout to find those photos in the Timeline section, and promote them to people in those neighborhoods. Need ideas? Check out how some candidates have already mastered the ‘selfie strategy.’

Step 4 – Go further to improve the canvassing experience

If you’re aiming for the next-level insights usually reserved for large presidential campaigns, this strategy provides the data you need. With ActionSprout’s intelligent multivariate and multi-audience targeting, you can see exactly which topics and issues resonate with specific audiences in each neighborhood. And all by sharing just a story a day with your network!

Use this data to educate canvassers on what topics to talk about in each neighborhood. This helps canvassers speak to the specific needs of each neighborhood, making their interactions much more meaningful.

Ready to engage more voters? Get started by signing up for an ActionSprout account and read our 2019 Candidates Playbook for more tips and tricks.

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