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It might be an “off” year, but elections are still happening across the country this November. As we warm up for 2020, we’re taking a closer look at political engagement in college students and LGBTQ people. Plus, we get takes on strategies to get people to the polls. You can spark discussions about democratic participation by sharing trending stories like these from the ActionSprout GOTV Recommended Stories feed. After all, you never know who you might inspire to become an active voter. 

College Student Participation Increases

Voter participation is surging among college students — more than doubling between the 2014 and 2018 midterm elections. If they go vote with the same energy they did in 2018, they could become an important voting bloc in the 2020 election.

Why share? Young people are the future, and it’s inspiring to see them motivated to exercise their right to vote. If college students were this pumped to vote in a midterm election season, imagine the possibilities for turnout in 2020.

Insights About LGBTQ Voters

A new study found that about 21% of LGBTQ adults in the U.S. aren’t registered to vote. They’re registered at a lower rate than cisgender, straight adults. Of the LGBTQ voters who are registered, they are more likely to be male, white, live in urban areas and support Democrats. This study also has some other interesting insights on registered LGBTQ voters.

Why share? There’s still plenty of time to push LGBTQ folks to register to vote before the 2020 election. We need to encourage voter participation across the board, but we especially need to help give voice to underrepresented communities.

Does Automatic Voter Registration Work?

If your measure of success is getting more voters on the rolls, the answer is yes. As far as increasing voter turnout the answer is unclear. There’s the argument that people who wouldn’t otherwise register to vote are probably still not going to vote — even if they are automatically registered.

Why share? Supporters of automatic voter registration say it could increase participation, but the results so far are lukewarm. This shows that automatic voter registration won’t cure all turnout woes and that the heart of the problem is still getting people motivated to cast their votes.

Bonus: Campaign and election experts insist vote tripling campaigns are key to wins in 2020. Learn how to boost a vote tripling campaign for a bigger impact here.

Opinion: Make Voting Mandatory

“While turnouts are higher in United States presidential elections — 60 percent in 2016 — can we say that democracy is thriving when 40 to 50 percent of voters still opt to stay at home?” Author Dambisa Moyo makes an argument for why the U.S. should have mandatory voting

Why share? This is a great example of GOTV content that engages audiences online. Increasing voter turnout, especially when it’s not a presidential election year, is a struggle. Asking people their thoughts about this article and mandatory voting will open up a conversation.

GOTV Effort in Northern Kentucky

There’s a get out the vote blitz happening in Northern Kentucky, and it’s a big concerted effort. Chambers of commerce, businesses, organizations, and folks filled with passion are collaborating to engage the public.

Why share? It’s really great to see a whole community rally behind civic engagement. If this goes well, it could serve as a model for similar initiatives all across the U.S.

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