Note that reads: Dont Forget #GivingTuesday

GivingTuesday (or #GivingTuesday) is an annual day of giving when individuals and groups around the world collectively contribute millions to nonprofits globally. This year, #GivingTuesday is on December 3, but for those planning a successful day of giving for their organization, the preparation work is already well underway. Make sure your #GivingTuesday campaign is on track for success with this month’s planning tasks.

Put Those Stories to Work for Your Campaign

In our post about October #GivingTuesday planning, we suggested that you collect stories about how your organization has made a positive impact on the community. Now is the time to put those stories to work for your #GivingTuesday campaign! Storytelling is a powerful way to show (not just tell) people why your work is so important. But client success stories aren’t the only thing to share. So instead of focusing only on clients, reach out to staff, volunteers and organization partners for inspiring stories about your impact.

Make The Most of #GivingTuesday With Social Media

This is a busy time of year for any nonprofit professional — but it’s no time to put your social media presence on the backburner. In fact, now is a great time to increase your posting frequency. Why? Look at your competitors’ social media pages. The more they post about #GivingTuesday, the less likely your posts are to populate the feeds of followers you both share. Without a consistent posting schedule, you could be bumped out of followers’ feeds in favor of competitor’s active and engaging accounts. Not good. Fortunately, there is plenty you can do to keep your organization’s #GivingTuesday campaign posts top of feed and top of mind.

Here’s what you need to work on in November:

— Maintain consistent posting frequency with curated content.

Not only is curated content the best way to make organic gains, but it’s also a huge time saver! Using the Inspiration feature in ActionSprout, you can find and schedule top-performing content related to your audience’s interests in a matter of minutes. 

— Tag and hashtag like you mean it.

Be a part of the global #GivingTuesday conversation with page tags and hashtags. Get noticed and increase post shares just by tagging GivingTuesday’s page! Searchable hashtags help connect you to new people and groups. Don’t forget: #GivingTuesday isn’t the only hashtag associated with the big day. For more hashtag and post copy suggestions, read the 2019 GivingTuesday Social Media Toolkit.

— Promote, promote, promote.

Facebook ads don’t have to be complicated — or expensive. Social Actions in ActionSprout is a one-stop feature where you can: 

    • Customize the look, feel and language of a call to action,
    • Promote campaigns to targeted audiences, and
    • Collect contact information from supporters.

Not sure how much to spend? There’s a lot you can do with an ad budget of any size. Promoting a post or Social Action with as little as $20 will significantly increase your reach and engagement. Plus, there isn’t a processing fee for promoting on Facebook through Social Actions! That means you can promote more #GivingTuesday campaign content faster and with fewer steps.

Now that you have your November plans set, check back with us for December tips to help you get to the #GivingTuesday finish line and end your campaign on a high note.