Top Posts for Public Broadcasters to Share April 4, 2016

The secret to boosting the reach and engagement of your page is Content Curation.

Sharing trending, high performing posts from others in your field is one of the most important things you can do on Facebook. Curating content is not only normal and expected on social media but will increase the reach and engagement of your page.

All the top pages on Facebook practice this strategy to grow their pages, with most following the 80/20 rule. 80% of their pages content is shared from others and 20% is original content.

Sharing raises all boats and gets your audience fired up to take action for your cause. Remember, the quality and relevance of the content you share (or post) will determine how much engagement your content gets.

Here are the top 5 posts from public broadcasting Facebook pages across the country. These are great posts to share.

  1. Maryland Public Television Happy Birthday, Jane Goodall! She spoke to NOVA’s Secret Life of Scientists about the importance of practicing…

  2. WDIY 88.1 FM DAY ONE of WDIY’s Spring Pledge Drive is off to a great start. Here’s the host of #TheBlend and #JazzJunction, Arnie…

  3. WSSB Public Radio 90.3 FM Carl A’see & @aliceferris having fun during @WSSBRadio’s #PledgeDrive. Call 803-536-8585 to join us!

  4. NOVA | PBS Scientists Grow Full-Sized, Working Human Hearts From Stem Cells It’s the closest we’ve come to growing transplantable hearts in the lab

  5. KQED Lawrence Ferlinghetti on More Than Six Decades of Life in San … “Dot-com millionaires have moved into San Francisco, California with bags full of cash and no manners,” says 97…