2 Simple Ways to Track Your Supporters’ Activities with You on Facebook

You now have the power to track all interactions that supporters have with you on your Facebook Page.

That means if your supporter John Smith has liked three of your posts, commented on one and signed a petition on your behalf, all of this activity is rolled up into one supporter profile inside your ActionSprout account. You now have a much richer, 360° view of who John is and how engaged he is with your cause on Facebook.

As John continues to engage with you on Facebook, any of his future interactions that you import will be added to his profile. Over time, you’ll be able to watch John’s relationship with your organization grow and change.

How can you start tracking your supporters’ interactions on your own Facebook Page?

Upload your existing supporter list, donor list, mailing list, etc. to ActionSprout. This will tell ActionSprout to start social profiles for your known supporters from different channels. Use the import feature inside of ActionSprout to import supporter activity from your Facebook posts.

Upload an Existing List

Do you have a sense of the overlap, if any, of your different supporter channels? Are your annual donors engaging with your posts on Facebook? Are the supporters who subscribe to your newsletter also reading your posts on Facebook?

Now you may be thinking, “Sure, that information might be interesting… but beyond that, what would I do with it?”

So much!

  • If one of your annual donors leaves you a comment on Facebook, wouldn’t you want to know about it and make sure that someone responds to them?
  • If one of your most active supporters asks you a question on Facebook, don’t you want to know and respond as soon as possible?
  • If you knew your donor and your most active commenter on Facebook were the same person, wouldn’t that change things? Wouldn’t you treat them differently and try to reach out to them one-on-one?

Those are just a few possible situations where knowing this information would be useful.

By uploading these current lists of supporters to ActionSprout, you’ll begin to find out where and how much this overlap happens.

Furthermore, make use of tags to keep track of supporters and what you know about them. These tags follow them throughout your ActionSprout account and exports.

Import on Posts

The second way to start tracking and recording this supporter data is to import the activity data of your Facebook posts. This can be done through the Timeline tab of your ActionSprout account.

Every time you import the engagement data from a post, those supporter activities will either be added to an existing supporter profile, or used to create a new profile to start tracking this new supporter that you haven’t imported yet (either from an existing list or via a post). In this way, your sense of your supporters becomes richer and more informed over time.

Putting Supporter Data to Use

So, you’ve imported your existing supporter lists and started the habit of importing engagement data from your Facebook posts, now what do you do with this data? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Get a nuanced sense of what topics your supporters are interested in. For example, if you run a nature conservation nonprofit and you have a group of supporters that are particularly into panda bear posts, you can send them customized messaging around pandas. Use this personalized angle when asking for donations, support or signatures.
  • Identify your most active supporters and invite them into a private Facebook group for further involvement and engagement. They’re your VIPs, so give them the VIP treatment.
  • Get a sense for how engaged your supporters are as a whole on Facebook. Do you have a pretty good portion of supporters that is very engaged with your Facebook Page? A larger portion that is not? How many of these supporters have shared their name and email address with you? This should be ringing some bells if you’re familiar with the engagement ladder.
  • Use this data to figure out what your next steps on Facebook are. Do you still have a long way to go in engaging your supporters? Are they engaged and waiting for ways to involve themselves more? Use this data to shape your ongoing strategies.
  • Learn what your supporters are into on a deeper level. If point number one about pandas applies to 90% of your supporter base, but you mostly talk about tigers on your Page, then you may want to reconsider your content strategy.