Supporter management

Supporter management on Facebook just got better!

What is the foundation of your Facebook page made of? It’s not a trick question. Your page is made up of people!

The problem with your Facebook page can also be people. They’re a bit of a double edged sword! You want to grow your following on Facebook, but once you do so, it can be easy to become overwhelmed.

Who are my supporters on Facebook these days? I’ve completely lost track! It’s hard to keep up with the comments and messages and know who I’m talking to. Who are my donors? Who are my volunteers? Who are my most active supporters?

Don’t feel bad! This happens to all Facebook pages as they grow. That’s why at ActionSprout, we’ve been hard at work on features and tools that make managing and knowing who your supporters are a bit easier.

Supporter Tagging

Tag anyone in your ActionSprout account with unique, custom tags. This tag follows the supporter throughout ActionSprout and your data exports. Now, no matter where you view the supporter, you’ll have an idea about who they are based on their tag(s).

You’ll always know if a person interacting with your page needs a follow up, further engagement, or possibly needs to be blocked (in the case of online trolls).

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1.19.32 PM

Why would you use People Tags? The reasons are almost unlimited. Here are just a few ideas about who to tag to get you started:

  • Your donors
  • Your volunteers
  • Any known trolls or troublemakers
  • Your employees
  • Known influencers
  • Active Facebook fans
  • MVPs
  • Celebrities for your cause

Engagement Level

We know what you’re probably thinking: “Supporter tags are awesome…but what if I don’t know who they are to tag them in the first place? Then what?”

The answer: Engagement level.

Everyone in your ActionSprout account is given an Engagement Level score based on their interactions with your page on Facebook. Based on these scores, you’ll be able to tease out who your MVPs are, who needs further engagement and who’s almost there.

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 1

The higher the score the more passionate and connected to your cause they are.

Engagement Scores are a weighted sum of your supporters likes, comments, actions completed and donations given. The weights are as follows:

  • Likes X 1
  • Comments X 5
  • Actions completed X 20
  • Donation amount given X 5

Thus someone who likes a lot of your posts may still have a lower score than someone who has donated to or taken action for your cause.

While not bulletproof, this score will give you a pretty good idea of who your supporters might be.

Existing supporter profiles

These two new pieces of information are added to the existing supporter profiles already inside your ActionSprout account. As you know, these profiles continue to grow in richness as your supporters continue to engage with you on Facebook.

Like we said at the top, your people are the core and foundation of your mission. At ActionSprout, we’ll always be working to give you the best possible tools to make reaching, engaging and growing your relationship with these people the best experience it can be.