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NEW! Build Your Supporter Database With Profile Picture Campaigns

Why is it so important for nonprofits to have a presence on Facebook?

  • To raise awareness for a cause
  • To give their community the opportunity to show the world what they stand for
  • To find more supporters to help organizations do more good

And what’s the easiest, most effective way to do all three? By giving people the chance to show their support right on the their Facebook profile pictures.

Not only does it help spread the word about your organization, but now (thanks to a new feature in the ActionSprout tool) you also gain a database of supporters’ names and emails in return, for future outreach and engagement!

Word of mouth > marketing

If you spend any time on Facebook, you’ve likely seen friends and family alter their profile pictures in such a way. It’s a small change that has the opportunity for big reach and memorable impact. And since it’s coming from someone known, rather than an organization, it makes people stop, pay attention, and join in.

Real outreach for real supporters

If you’ve launch you profile picture campaign via ActionSprout, everyone who changes their image for your cause goes into a database that you can later reference and contact. Add them to your mailing list, send them follow-up information, or even send them a future donation appeal.

Since they’ve given you a profile pic stamp of approval, you help avoid the dreaded spam stigma. These are already supporters of your cause, and they’ve proven they’re not afraid to show it!

It truly is one of the most powerful, authentic ways nonprofits can get their message out there to those who want to hear it.

How it works

You’ll find this newest feature inside your ActionSprout account, under the Social Actions tab. By and large you’ll build the Profile Picture Frame just like you would any other social action. The big difference here is uploading the image overlay.

Then you can share it as a Facebook newsfeed post, promote it as a Facebook ad, share it on Twitter, post it on Instagram, sent it via email, embedded on a website, and more.

All it takes is four quick clicks for supporters to add your graphic to their picture, which in turn, records their name and email address into a handy database for you.

Plus, everywhere that person’s profile picture shows up on Facebook, their friends and family will see it, encouraging those people in turn to change their profile image as well. If they do, you get their info, their friends and family see their picture, and so on and so on. It’s pretty easy to see how such a little action can quickly add up to big results.

profile picture frame

Getting started

As complex as this all sounds, ActionSprout performs much of the heavy lifting for you. The whole process takes maybe 20 minutes of your time… while your organization gets a TON of word-of-mouth value in return.

This live webinar by ActionSprout’s Sarah Francis will walk you through every step of the process. She shares tips and tricks and answers questions, too. Click here to reserve your virtual seat now.

Video not your thing? No problem! We also have a detailed written guide here walking you through all the same steps.

Ready to make a splash?

Go dive in and give it a try! Help your community demonstrate solidarity, gather, resist, or simply show support. No matter how you choose to use it, your supporters will be sharing the good work of your cause on your behalf, while helping you build a database of supporters ready to communicate and engage.