The New Profile Image Campaign Builder from ActionSprout

We have seen Facebook profile overlays used to support a variety of causes and used to show solidarity is the face of tragedy. These profile campaigns are a great way for people to show their support to the world. Now you can create your own profile image campaign for your organization, mission, event and more!

How is this possible? With the new Profile Campaign Builder in ActionSprout Labs!

Check it out now at

What’s more, it’s super easy. We have included a set of images at the bottom of this post for you to follow along, if you like.

Let’s create a campaign! The Tool The tool itself is relatively simple. It consists of four parts: the Profile Overlay, Share Info, Preview and Share Link. Let’s go through them in turn.

The Profile Overlay

Profile Overlay

This section consists of two parts. First, the header; this part is not included when someone applies the overlay to their profile. It is only a “banner” of sorts to make the application page look snazzy (customized to your needs) when your supporters see it. It can be your logo or a banner about the purpose of the overlay. Whatever you do here, make it specific to your organization and your goals, and make it fun! If you are following along, click “Choose File,” and select the “Banner.png” file.

The second part is the overlay itself; this is the part that will show up as your supporter’s profile picture. It is a square (450px X 450px), and it is where you get to show your creativity. Keep in mind that this is a situation where simpler is often better. A busy overlay looks cluttered and, worse, you may not be able to distinguish the overlay from the original image. If you are following along, click “Choose File,” and select the “Star overlay.png” file.

Profile Campaign Files added

The overlay has two additional features: grayscale (just for aesthetics) and an opacity adjustment. The opacity adjustment is, by default, set to 50. For the moment, leave it there—you can use it to fine-tune in a minute.

The Share Info

Profile campaign share options

This part is specific to sharing on Facebook. These are the elements that will pop up in the Facebook post when you share the link. You’ll see what I mean in a minute.

The Share Title and Description are as they sound. Make sure that your title is short, catchy and lets your supporters know what’s going on. The description is where you can add a bit more detail, such as what the mission is and why it’s important.

The Share Image is the image that pops up when you share the link on Facebook, next to the title and description. A good idea here is to share an example of what the final profile image will look like, or the overlay image alone. You can add whatever you like, but showing the finished product is an excellent way to add a bit more context. If you are following along, click “Choose File” and select the “Share Image.png” image.

Profile campaign share options files

The Preview

Profile Campaign Preview

The preview shows a generic avatar silhouette with your overlay. To see an updated preview, click the blue “Save” button. If you are following along, now is a good time to save.

Campaign Profile Example

For a more contextual preview, click the “Share Link” above. A new tab will open and show the overlay on your current profile; this is what the page will look like when your supporters click the share link. Your profile won’t change until you click the “Update Profile” button at the bottom of the page and the “Confirm” button on the next page.

Profile Campaign example

If you want to make changes, close the tab, make the changes you like (different images, grayscale, opacity), click “Save” and try the share link again. Repeat until you’ve dialed it in.

The Share Link

Share link example

To share your new and awesome Profile Image Campaign with the world, copy the share link and paste it into Facebook, Twitter and email—have a skywriter scribble it in the clouds if you like! Want to see what it looks like as a post? Paste our test into Facebook and have a look.


Technical specs: Use .png or .jpeg files Banner dimensions: 1028 x 180 Overlay dimensions: 450 x 450 Share image: 1200 x 628

Need design tools for free? Try these:

Assets (right click then “Save Image As”:

Banner Star overlay Share Image