Facebook profile picture frame

The Profile Frame Tool for Nonprofit Facebook Pages

How to get started

Please Note: You will need a Facebook page. A personal profile isn’t enough.

  1. Login or sign up for ActionSprout
  2. Select your organization’s Facebook page from the accounts screen.
  3. Navigate to your social actions tab and click the green Create action button at the top
  4. Select Profile Picture Frame from the menu that opens
  5. Use our getting started guide and guide on creating awesome overlay images. to create your frame.
  6. Once finished, use our Smart Scheduler to post your new social action at the best time to reach and engage as many people as possible on Facebook.

And that’s it! We truly think you’re going to love it.

FREE Features

Let’s check out the features you’ll be able to enjoy (for free!)

  • See metrics on views, clicks, and completion rate.

  • Track Facebook engagement on your Profile Picture Frame Facebook post. View total reactions, comments, and shares for the post.

Facebook profile frame

  • Any Profile Picture Frames you create are now connected to your Facebook page rather than your personal account. So when someone views your social action, it will be in the context of your organization’s Facebook page and hard-linked back to it. People will also see how many of their friends and family have already liked page right there, no clicks necessary.

honey bee connected page example

  • Keep supporters who’ve already changed their profile image in the loop with action updates.

More Features for Silver Customers

With our Silver subscription (just $29 per month), now you can also have access to these following features:

  • Collect names and email addresses from everyone who changes their Facebook profile image using your overlay!

  • Integrate supporter info for your profile picture campaign directly into MailChimp, so your mailing list stays current and comprehensive.

But if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please drop us a line at info@actionsprout.com. We always love to hear from our customers.