drafting posts

4 reasons why drafting posts creates stronger team workflows

You now have the power to save posts as drafts (inside the drafts folder of Facebook) through the ActionSprout app. While this feature may seem small, the implications are huge.

Here are four big reasons why you should get excited about drafts!

drafting posts

Reviewal process

Many organizations require that posts first get approved before they are published to Facebook. The Facebook drafts folder is the best overall setting for the reviewal process to take place.

In this folder, see exactly how the post will appear once published. Review all messaging, imagery and layout in it’s final form. This is the most accurate preview of a post you can get!

Now when you’re creating a post or action from within ActionSprout take advantage of this powerful reviewal feature.


The drafts feature offers easy delegation and sharing of work. Lighten your workload and let an intern or fellow staff member draft up some posts. When it’s time to post, you can review their work and publish / schedule the content from within the drafts folder. If the content still isn’t quite right, edit the post right there. If the post is totally off the mark, you can simply delete it.

Now you can share the work without giving up control or quality.


Similar to the above, the drafts feature makes team collaboration easier. Select the content you’d like to post from Inspiration or Timeline, layout your message and save your finished idea as a draft. Now your team can jump into the drafts folder and give your content a look. As stated above, this is the most accurate representation of the post once it is published. This makes getting a second pair of eyes or a sanity check easy.

More control over how you work and post

This feature simply gives you even greater control over how you work inside of ActionSprout. Whatever your personal workflow looks like, you now have the full power of posting through the ActionSprout app. From planning, drafting, scheduling and publishing, we hope you and your team feel empowered and productive through ActionSprout.

Now go try the feature for yourself and see what you think!