Curate content while growing your supporter email list

At Facebook’s core is the need to curate content. In the past content has served a somewhat singular purpose, inform or entertain readers with the intent to convert them to fans and supporters. In other words, your content is a unitasker.

With a Sproutlet you can add an action to nearly any article, blog post, or web page in seconds. Easily poll your readers. Quickly collect signatures. Newsjack the latest trending topics in less time than it take to order a latte. Newsjacking has never been faster. Your content is now working for you, collecting data, engaging your base, and increasing your reach. Basically, Sproutlets transform your content into a multitasker.

Why use Sproutlets?

They are Super Easy, Super Fast

Sproutlets are designed to be the easiest and fastest way to add an action. On the most basic level, you only need to copy and paste a URL, click “save and continue”, on the next page, you’ll click “share and post”.

That’s it.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.20.43 PM

Once posted, the Sproutlet appears at the footer of the page you added it to. From there, a user can weigh in on and share the topic with a single click.

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 1.22.03 PM

Powerful Newsjacking

This is not a new idea. PR firms have been newsjacking for decades. Now, with a 24-hour news cycle, it’s more important than ever to be responsive and fast.

When a news event aligns with your mission or a topic that might engage your audience emerges, turn it into a Sproutlet. You are riding the wave, taking advantage of the attention to the topic and compelling your supporters to act by engaging them in a conversation.

Keep Your Traffic

When a user clicks on an article you share they are taken away from Facebook and away from you. This creates a barrier for them to return. Once they have left, that’s it, they are gone until next time. A Sproutlet keeps the user engaged with you and your cause. When using Sproutlets, they never leave your side on their journey through your news feed.

No Time to Compose a Post?

Your content strategy should be an 80/20 mixture of curated and original content. Sproutlets make the curated 80% that much more powerful. Unlike a normal ActionSprout Action, there is no need to gussy up titles and descriptions. Just paste the link, decide on buttons, or leave the defaults, and go.

Sproutlet or Traditional Action

There are some key differences between Sproutlets and Traditional ActionSprout Actions actions.

  1. The action title, image and description only appear on Facebook. Unlike normal actions, your title, image, and description are only seen in the Facebook News Feed. Once a supporter clicks on your link, they will see your call to action and action button(s).

  2. You cannot ask for additional data. When creating a typical ActionSprout Action you can pop into your data tab and chose what additional data you’d like to collect. This feature is not available when creating a Sproutlet.

  3. You cannot ask for or collect donations with Sproutlets.

  4. Sproutlets do not support Facebook comments.

  5. Sproutlets cannot be your default action.

Pro tip

Make your message short, impactful, and keep the button simple. Sproutlets are all about being fast, impactful, and pointed. The easier you make it for supporters to participate, the more they will participate.