Top ways to share your cause on Facebook

My team and I at ActionSprout love meeting our customers. We have the honor of serving some of the most inspirational, hard-working nonprofits on Facebook. Most recently, we had the pleasure of getting to know Rachael Zoe Miller, co-founder of the The Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean. We first got connected with Rachael and her organization through our Facebook ad credits project last November.

The Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean has the mission of cleaning, protecting and ensuring that our oceans are thriving for a long time to come. Their work consists of cleanup, research, educational outreach, teaching, expeditions and more. For eight weeks out of the year, Rachael captains the American Promise, collecting data, cleaning the coastal waters and performing outreach.

american promise

She and her team’s work is truly amazing. So how does all that translate into Facebook and digital strategy? We asked for her take on the ad credits, Facebook, ActionSprout and overall social media strategy.

How did the ad credit project change the way you approach Facebook?

This was a huge help and turning point for us. Being part of the ad credit program taught us about targeted audiences, the difference between curated and original content (and their places), and of course what tools are out there to help raise our odds of success and make the dollars we do have for social media count as much as possible.

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What inspired you to start using ActionSprout?

Two-thirds of the way into the program, I attended a program webinar that made me realize that ActionSprout would help us make our goals easier to reach and our progress easier to track. As soon as I started, I realized I should have started earlier!

How has using ActionSprout changed the way you use Facebook?

I am a data person and ActionSprout’s data is excellent. It has made me more efficient—with the ability to very quickly see how our own posts are doing in the Timeline section and see how others are doing in the Inspiration section. Seeing this post data has made a difference in the way I use Facebook, in that I am proceeding more deliberately and certainly in a more data-driven way rather than always guessing about the best times and strong content to post. After learning more about Facebook’s algorithm, I am also confidently posting more often, knowing that spamming people is hard!

What have been your biggest “ah ha!” moments over the last few months?

Three things:

  1. To only boost posts that have momentum, and to not do it too early.
  2. Adding my own thoughts and Rozalia Project’s values and philosophies (though not on every post) seems to be generating more interaction in the form of increased comments.
  3. 2–3 posts per day is the goal!

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What have been your biggest moments of success over the last few months?

Having our most liked, most commented on and most shared post with the biggest reach we’ve ever had! And, overall, having more interaction with our posts and seeing a 38% increase in Facebook likes and 41% in Instagram.

Anything you’d like to add?

Just a big, huge thank you to ActionSprout and Facebook for making this happen, sharing both generous funding and well-presented expertise! I hope you’ll send me an ActionSprouter or two to join us on board as a social media maven and as part of the crew for some cleaning and protecting the ocean this summer!

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We’re humbled to have played a small role in Rachael’s work and success.

So, how can your nonprofit replicate this kind of success?

  1. Aim to post 2–3 times a day on Facebook.
  2. Don’t be afraid to mix curated content with original content. Many Pages shoot for the 80/20 rule (80% shared and 20% original).
  3. Use the Inspiration tool to quickly find and share this content. The scheduler chooses the most optimal times to post.
  4. Use Timeline to know what’s working and what’s not. Make informed, confident choices with data!

Remember, always be your awesome self and bring your passion to the table. Facebook is a social network. Have fun, engage and don’t be afraid to try something new.