Webinar: Best Practices for Fundraising on Facebook

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ActionSprout Demo: Learning about Social Actions

Live recorded demo on social actions:

Notes and links

  1. Social action best practices that will increase your conversion rate.
  2. How to set an ActionSprout action as your Facebook page CTA button.
  3. How to export your action data out of ActionSprout.
  4. Case study: How 1,000 Days received 230,000 signatures and 82,000 new Facebook fans in four months.
  5. Case Study: How AlterNet received 7,000 signatures in one week.

Webinar: Facebook posting tips and tricks

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Notes and helpful resources

  1. Shoot for a daily Facebook posting goal of 2 to 3 posts. This is the sweet spot for organic reach and engagement on Facebook.
  2. When posting to Facebook, make sure you’re doing so at the peak times when most of your Facebook page fans are on Facebook. Facebook gives this data to every Facebook page manager inside the Insights tab of your account.
  3. Use the Free Snapshot report tool to keep an eye on your Facebook page’s health.
  4. Invite the folks who have “liked” your posts to like your Facebook page. This is a fast, easy way to grow your Facebook community with quality, already engaged folks.

Webinar: Facebook crash-course for nonprofits

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  1. Be sure to use the right correct tools for the job! You personal profile should always be your keys to the Facebook kingdom (no “fake” profiles to login please), your nonprofit should have a Facebook page (not a personal profile), your events should use event pages (not Facebook pages) and play with Facebook Groups as needed to further engage smaller groups of people.
  2. Get to know your Facebook publishing tools!
  3. Dig into your Facebook page Insights. There is a TON of valuable data and resources inside this tab waiting for you. Here are the top numbers to pay attention too.
  4. Post 2 to 3 times a day on Facebook. This is the sweet spot that will maximize your organic reach and engagement without spamming your supporters.
  5. Check out our awesome case study on content curation!

ActionSprout Demo: Inspiration & content Strategy

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  1. When curating content shoot for the 80/20 rule. 80% of your content is shared and 20% is created originally.
  2. You’ll want to post 2 to 3 times a day on Facebook based on the current algorithm. This seems to be the sweet spot to maximize your organic reach and engagement.
  3. Always add your own commentary and context to the content you share 🙂
  4. Looking for a quick case study on Inspiration and content curation? Check out how one local cause used the tool with great success.

Webinar: Understanding Facebook Metrics

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Notes and resources:

  1. The Snapshot tool makes it easy to download a Facebook page report as a PDF or spreadsheet. Perfect for your ED 🙂
  2. Feeling overwhelmed with the amount of data that Facebook gives you? These are the top three metrics you should care about.
  3. If you’re using ActionSprout and running actions you’ll like this piece on action metrics.
  4. Recently, we’ve been playing with a new ROI metric inside of ActionSprout. This estimates the earned media value of your organic posts. Check it out here.

[WEBINAR] How to promote your event on Facebook

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  • Pay attention to your event category and tags. This will influence who and how many people see your event.
  • Events can be public or private. Pay attention to this as you’re creating your event.
  • Facebook events have a two week life span. This is a Facebook limitation so plan accordingly.
  • If you are running multiple shows / events over the time period create separate event pages for each.
  • Keep posting to the event page while the event is happening. Those who expressed interest, or said they were going but didn’t, will receive these messages. You may just change their mind!