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Facebook ad rules: Do More Good With Less Work

Don’t have time to check your ads, ad sets, and campaigns on a daily basis? Then you need to try Facebook’s new automated ad rules!

All you have to do is tell Facebook what to check, when to make changes, and what those changes should be… and voila! You have your own automated ad assistant. Or if you’d rather personally make adjustments on the fly, you can also request notifications to keep you in the loop if and when certain things occur.

Either way, Facebook just gave nonprofits like you a ton of new power on their ads platform!

But power is only good if you know how to use it, right? So let’s talk logistics. Here’s exactly how to set it up.

Creating New Ad Rules

To get started, open your Facebook Ads Manager or Power Editor. (In this example, we’ll be using Ads Manager.)

On the first screen, right when you login, you should see a Create Rule button in the middle of the page under the Campaigns tab.

automated rules facebook

Choose which ads you want this rule to apply to. You can choose a particular campaign, ad set, or ad, or you can choose to apply the rule more broadly.

automated rules facebook

Next, choose what action you’d like to happen once the rule is triggered. This can range from sending you a notification to automatically adjusting the budget or bid amount for the ad in question.

automated rules facebook

Now you need to choose the condition under which your action will be triggered. Facebook gives us a ton of options here, so spend some time digging into this menu to discover your options.

automated rules facebook

You’ll also need to choose the time range and attribution window for this rule. The time range is the number of days’ worth of data you’d like the rule to apply to. The attribution window allows you to track actions taken during a particular span of time.

automated rules facebook

Lastly, choose how to receive notifications and name the new rule.

automated rules facebook

And look at that: You’ve created an ad rule!

automated rules facebook

Managing Existing Ad Rules

Rules can then be managed by clicking the down arrow and choosing Manage Rules. You’ll find this right next to the Create Rule button when you login to Ads Manager or Power Editor.

automated rules facebook

From there you’ll be taken to a new screen, where you can turn rules on or off, make changes, or even delete rules.

Automated rules Facebook

Select the Activity tab at the top to see a list of all rules and details about each one. Automated rules Facebook

And that’s all there is to it. So go log into your Facebook ads account and give this new feature a spin. You can also find more info and resources here or email us if you have any questions: