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How to find your university’s alumni on Facebook

Western Washington University (WWU) uses Facebook to reach and connect with alumni living across the globe. Their team works hard to identify and tag those who engage with their Facebook posts so that they can track their engagement and build relationships. From there they can target alumni about fundraising and events that support WWU. Introducing: […]

Leveraging Facebook to Persuade Global Leaders to Invest in Peace

A coalition reached over 300,000 Canadians on Facebook, engaging them in a grassroots effort to oppose increased military spending. When world powers asked countries to increase their military spending, Canadian NGOs turned to Facebook and ActionSprout to urge their Prime Minister to invest in peace, not further military spending. On September 4th, 2017, as Canadian […]

Who sees what and why on Facebook

Nonprofits on Facebook have a mission. You want to reach and engage hundreds, if not thousands, of people every day. You’re also on a tight budget, and have real urgency behind your message. You may think that Facebook is working against you achieving your goal. We’ve heard the complaints: suppressed reach, no free ad dollars, […]

Nonprofit Facebook page templates: What you need to know

If your organization’s Facebook page is categorized as a “non profit organization”, you may have received a message about the new nonprofit page template. On June 19 Facebook will automatically switch all nonprofit pages to the new template. This has left folks with many, many questions: “What does the new template look like?” “How is […]

Facebook ad rules: Do More Good With Less Work

Don’t have time to check your ads, ad sets, and campaigns on a daily basis? Then you need to try Facebook’s new automated ad rules! All you have to do is tell Facebook what to check, when to make changes, and what those changes should be… and voila! You have your own automated ad assistant. […]

Facebook Town Hall features now available to nonprofits

Please note: This feature is currently only available to US users of Facebook. Earlier this year, Facebook quietly released a new feature called Town Hall that they hoped would encourage US users to become more involved in elections. “The feature is available to all U.S. users on desktop and mobile, and will now include News […]

Nonprofits: Stop using “fake” profiles to access a Facebook page

Does your nonprofit uses “fake” or dummy Facebook logins to access your organization’s Facebook page? If so, you’ll need to switch to your team’s real Facebook profiles… TODAY. Why so urgent? Facebook is cracking down hard on fake accounts. Following the 2016 US presidential election and subsequent elections across the European Union, Facebook is under […]

Blow Your Fundraising Goals Out of the Water!

4/26 Update: 8,635 backers pledged $353,461 to help bring this project to life. Reaching 100 percent of your fundraising goal is a pretty good feeling. But how would you feel if your organization reached 25 times that? Rachael Zoe Miller is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean. For […]

How to Protect Your Facebook Page from Internet Troll Disease

A new study shows that, while some people are born trolls, others contract it. Researchers at Stanford and Cornell found that ordinary people started engaging in troll-like behavior by simply encountering negativity in their online communities. So if negativity creates more trolling, which creates more negativity, could trolling be spreading online like a disease? According […]