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What Facebook’s News Feed Changes Mean for Nonprofits

ActionSprout will be monitoring how the changes to the Newsfeed are impacting nonprofits and NGOs around the world and reporting back frequently, but here are our initial thoughts. On January 11th 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced some changes to Facebook that are designed to alter what people see in their Facebook News Feed. Does the idea […]

Get Started Fundraising on Facebook

Now is a really exciting time for fundraising on Facebook! Historically fundraisers and donation appeals fell flat on the platform. Sure some nonprofits found success, but most did not or if they did it was very limited. But now that is all changing! Over the last year we have seen a remarkable increase in the […]

What is the value of a Facebook post?

Everyday your nonprofit is busy posting stories to your Facebook page in the hopes of reaching and engaging more of your supporters. The trouble is how do you place real value on this effort? Is your Facebook page becoming more valuable with time, or staying the same? In short how much is any one of […]

The secret to Facebook videos

Videos are one of the fastest growing media types on Facebook, with over 100 million hours of video watched each day. Simply put, native videos should be an essential part of any Facebook pages content strategy. But just posting a video will not guarantee success; far from it. In fact, most of the videos that […]

Facebook Is a Very Visual Communication Channel

You don’t have to spend much time on Facebook to know that images dominate the News Feed. Whether they appear on their own or are linked to other content, images are everywhere. But as more images find their way into the News Feed, it becomes harder for your images to stand out and receive the […]