9 Legendary Free Sources of Stunning Stock Photography

If your nonprofit wants to get noticed on Facebook, you’ll need the best images you can get your hands on. The all mighty image, is after all, still the king of Facebook.

In today’s Facebook environment, your posts only have a few seconds to grab your supporters’ attention and make them stop scrolling. Unforunately this means the different between a successful campaign and failure, could hinge on your use of imagery on Facebook.

Using sharp, high-resolution, beautiful images, can be one of the easiest, most powerful ways to accomplishing your goals on and off Facebook. Images of peoples’ faces are proven to be particularly effective 🙂

Below are nine of our favorite sources for free creative commons stock photography that you can use to win on Facebook.

Creative Commons

The Creative Commons website allows you to search for free, creative commons images, from 12+ different sources, all in one place! Search Flickr, Google images, Wikipedia and more.

Free Stock Photography


This source is great for unusual photos!

Free Stock Photography


One of our favorite sources. Great if you want high impact, artsy photos for featured images, backgrounds, quotes etc.

Free Stock Photography

Barn Images

Another one of our favorites! Has a few less options than UnSlpash, but will provide you with beautiful, clear, high res images every time.

Free Stock Photography

Death to Stock Photo

This image source is subscription based. Sign up for free on their homepage to start receiving Free photo packs each month in your inbox. The monthly packs always follow a theme and always include beautiful, very high-resolution images.

Free Stock Photography


Pablo, from Buffer, makes it super easy to add text and quotes to any image. They provide ready to use stock photography, or allow you to upload your own image.

Free Stock Photography


Formerly known as StockExchange, this source can be a little corporate at times, but does have some great images to choose from.

Free Stock Photography

Visual Hunt

Visual Hunt is our newest favorite source for killer, engaging images! They have tons of free images on just about every subject you can imagine.