Facebook Engagement Spikes Around Government Shutdown

Facebook and social media are abuzz concerning the United States Government shutdown. At times like this, with elected officials in Washington DC failing miserably, it doesn’t matter what your political leanings are we all feel frustrated and powerless.

The ActionSprout team is excited to see organizations step in and provide supporters on Facebook with simple ways to use their voices and urge Congress to end its reckless behavior.

We’re following how our community and others use Facebook in response to the government shutdown, and we’re amazed by the level of engagement many of these posts and ActionSprout actions have received.

  • Organizations are seeing posts related to the shutdown performing in the top 10% of all posts.
  • Conversion rates for people that engage with those posts then go on to complete an ActionSprout powered “Tell Congress…” action are upwards of 30%!
  • One organization that posted about the shutdown had 2500 people engage by clicking Like or leaving a comment.
  • Of these 2500, 585 went on to complete an action to “Tell Congress to GetBack To Work for Americans,” thus growing their email list with 585 new Facebook generated email addresses.

Bottom line if you’re not posting about the government shutdown and asking people to take action on Facebook, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Here’s a few inspirational examples from pages using ActionSprout as part of their Facebook efforts.

The League of Conservation Voters


The Sierra Club


The Trisomy 18 Foundation


The Democratic Governors Association


The National Parks Conservation Association


The great part about ActionSprout is that it takes just seconds to spin up the action you want people to take and add it as a call to action (CTA) on a new post…

…or you can add it to a re-used piece of content that already says it all.