How to Get Less Expensive Facebook Engagement!

Democratic Governors Association (DGA) Gets 31% Lower Cost Per Acquisition!

What’s the deal?

Not only have they been generating and capturing a ton of Facebook engagement with their supporters…

…they’ve also been doing some smart and focused testing in order to understand how to optimize their efforts.

We’re excited to share some of their results with you.

Quick Overview:

DGA works to elect and re-elect Democratic governors. As of this writing, they’ve got about 230,000 Facebook fans. In May and June DGA ran 11 campaigns on Facebook, each of which promoted with 1-3 Facebook wall posts.

Their Facebook Engagement Results

  • DGA’s ActionSprout posts were seen about 2M times; 1.6M impressions the result of Facebook promoted post advertising; 400k organic impressions.
  • DGA’s campaigns engaged about 58,000 supporters total; over 9,000 taking actions (providing name, email, contact permission); the balance liking and commenting on campaign posts (which lets DGA capture name and Facebook ID).
  • Of the 58,000 people who engaged, 80% engaged with only one campaign; 10% engaged twice and another 10.3% engaged 3+ times.
  • Of the 9,377 people who took action on a campaign, 90.8% took action just once, 6.1% took action twice and 3.1% took action on 3+ campaigns; 9.2% of action takers that took action more than once were responsible for 21.2% of the total actions.
  • About 1.5% of 1.6M impressions resulted in a clickthrough to the action, and about 34% of people who clicked went on to complete the action. Over 50% of action takers went on to share their action with their friends.
  • 43% of views on DGA’s campaigns came from mobile devices.

Their Costs

DGA spent about $16k on Facebook promoted post advertising with ActionSprout links, and had an average cost per acquisition of $1.53.

56% of ActionSprout campaign action takers were new to DGA’s master list, resulting in a cost per new name of $2.74.

DGA’s Mark Giangreco had this to say:

“The ActionSprout team built an easy-to-use, powerful platform that allows our supporters to take action without ever having to leave Facebook. By putting our supporters first, ActionSprout lets us generate great results. We’re using ActionSprout to run more effective, more efficient list-building campaigns that fully leverage the power of social media. It’s challenging us to rethink the way we advertise on Facebook.”

ActionSprout vs. Offsite Landing Page


Not only did DGA achieve solid results, they also did some smart testing of their posting and advertising tactics.

DGA ran a number of tests comparing an ActionSprout-powered campaign against a traditional campaign where they tried to drive supporters from Facebook to a website landing page to sign a petition.

Both campaigns included a post-action “up-sell” in the form of an online donation ask. DGA created two posts, identical in all respects except one post contained a link to an ActionSprout campaign and the other contained a link to a traditional landing page.

Then they promoted each post to an identical demographic audience.

DGA found that the ActionSprout campaign significantly outperformed the off-Facebook website landing page in terms of effective Facebook engagement.–especially on the all-important metric of cost per action.

  • The ActionSprout campaign generated 402 actions at a CPA of $1.11.
  • The offsite landing page generated 290 actions at $1.61. So, how is DGA paying so much less for such higher quality Facebook Engagement?

While the conversion rates of the posts were nearly identical, the viral boost ActionSprout provides…

…where actions generate a variety of Facebook notifications to supporters’ friends, meant that ActionSprout was able to drive action 31% More Cost Effectively than driving people to a traditional outside-of-Facebook petition.

How about them apples?