Facebook reach

10 Easy Ways to Increase Facebook Reach and Engagement

Has your reach been declining? Have you been getting fewer likes, shares and comments? That’s when you need to channel your inner Rocky and bounce back in the later rounds. You truly can do it! It just requires attention, consistency and a bit of persistence. Let’s dig in.

Be Yourself

Remember to let your personality come through. Also remember to use guidelines to direct your responses to comments. That way, you show that you are a real person who is passionate about your mission while retaining a certain level of professionalism and consistency.

Call to Action

A call to action (CTA) compels your supporters to act. Asking them to perform an action gives them something to do other than walking away after consuming your content. Facebook has given nonprofit Pages a donate action for this very reason.

Use Images and Videos

Facebook is a visual place for storytelling and, just like movies and picture books for kids, nothing tells a story quite like imagery. Text matters for sure; images and videos, however, grab attention as your supporters are scrolling through their News Feeds.

Behind the Scenes

Social media is super popular for a reason, because it shows what goes on behind the scenes. There’s no need to ham it up—what you’re doing is interesting even if you don’t think so. Show the steps to your next great event, or the drama as you save a puppy.

Stay on Topic

You’re trying to highlight your mission and work. Your efforts should get people enthusiastic and inspired to pitch in, in any way that they can. Make sure that your content maps back to what’s important every time. And, remember to have a little fun too.

Curate Content

You should be sharing content from your fans, related organizations, media and thought leaders. You should even be reacting to your opposition. Sharing content raises all ships and make your Page the source of great news. Don’t forget to tag like this: @Org Name.

Keep it Simple

Overthinking and overwriting lowers engagement, period.

Schedule Your Posts

Scheduling posts allows you to set posts up and double check the copy before it launches. This gives you the chance to come back with fresh eyes so that you can catch that missing comma or flip folpped word. It’s also an opportunity to set up posts for the weekends and holidays.


If a post appears on Facebook and no one is there to see it, does it make a sound? Nope, so post when your supporters are online. Otherwise, your content vanishes into cyberspace. Look at your Facebook Insights or use the ActionSprout.com Smart Scheduler to help you.

Develop Evergreen Content

Having evergreen content in your back pocket for the lean times is always a great idea. This is content that never gets old (hence the name). Can’t think of what to post today? Pull out an evergreen post and repost it. Done!

Notice anything?

Did you notice something about this list? Each section is the average length of an optimized message on Facebook. Facebook will truncate any message that appears after this point, so the first few lines matter a lot! But see how much information you can pack into such a short message? Try it out yourself the next time you post 🙂