Have you ever heard a feel-good Facebook advertising story that made you say, “Awww”?

Here at ActionSprout, we love hearing from users about how our tool has made it easier for them to reach, engage and inspire supporters. Even still, it’s rare that user stories are downright cute. Until now.

The lost dog

Since 1944, Humane Society of the Ozarks (HSO) has served countless people and animals in Northwest Arkansas. HSO staff are animal lovers dedicated to finding happy, healthy homes for the animals brought through their doors. HSO staff member and volunteer Sally Baker Williams is no exception.

Neighboring shelters often work together to help missing pets get home, so it was business-as-usual when Williams received a call from another shelter about a missing dog. But when Williams’ preliminary searches through the HSO database didn’t help, she got creative about how to get the pup home.

“After receiving the call and an email with [the dog’s] photo from the nearby shelter, I searched for the dog/family in our data management software via the chip number, but was unsuccessful in locating him. The original microchip was from my organization, but it had not been registered and there were no adoption records due to some problems with record keeping a few years back. I was able to narrow down the time frame via the chip number, but still unable to locate any old records. That is when I decided to turn to social media.”

With the help of her Facebook ad credits and some funding from a local full-service sign company, Williams used her ads account to spin up a boosted post with the hope of reaching the dog’s family.

Sally takes action

Williams started by setting up a targeted audience that ranged in age from 18‒65. Then, she applied an overlapping distance radius to cover the four-county area that they served. She set a budget of $175.00 over a seven-day span for the ad and hit go.

“Within just a few hours, the post had reached over 5,000 people and we had located the owner! We only spent $2.81 of the budget.”

The community responds

Williams was able to use Facebook ads and find a lost dog’s family in just a matter of hours. For as little as $2.81, she had reached over 5,000 people and reunited a dog with his family.

What makes this outcome even more amazing? Williams and the Humane Society of the Ozarks had very little past experience with Facebook advertising prior to this.

Williams explains:

“We did our first trial Facebook ad in November 2014 for an event. I think it garnered some interest, but it was very much a beginner’s first effort. I [had] made a couple of attempts at running Facebook ads around four years ago, but quickly felt overwhelmed in trying to figure out how to successfully do it.”* The Facebook ad credits have given Williams and the Humane Society of the Ozarks the opportunity and resources to revisit Facebook advertising in a powerful way:

“Our experience [with the Facebook ad credits] has been overwhelmingly positive! The ad I ran for year-end giving had good responses [and] an ad for an elderly dog looking for a home was widely shared and he was adopted. Some other dogs were promoted and found homes swiftly. We also have a membership drive ad running right now that is doing excellent and we have new memberships coming in! I would like to sincerely express my gratitude for this program. I am learning with each ad I create, the ads are effective, and I am obtaining statistics I can present to my board of directors in order to adjust our budget to accommodate future ads.” Overall, ActionSprout has been humbled by the experience of this project. We’re only a month and a half into the ad credits project and look forward to receiving more success stories like this.


Sally’s story is a great example of how ActionSprout empowers organizations online. Whether you’re spreading the word about a lost dog or running for office, ActionSprout makes it easier than ever for individuals and groups to target effective Facebook ads!

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