Tame the trolls and help real conversations flourish

Easy comment moderation lets you grow a robust and vibrant community of fans and supporters.

It’s a fact of modern life:

Being on Facebook means dealing with toxic comments and outright trolls — especially if you’re posting frequently and running ads to reach new voters or supporters.

You can’t afford to get scared away from Facebook and let your opponents control the narrative, but you also can’t afford to spend hours moderating the comments on all your posts by hand.

That’s why we built tools to streamline and automate comment moderation — and those tools are included with all ActionSprout accounts.

All your comments in one place

We compile a feed of all your Facebook page’s recent comments — and let you like them with just one click.

Auto-flagging of problem comments

Our language analyzer automatically identifies comments that are toxic, attacking, spam, etc., — so you can immediately identify which comments may require your attention.

Join conversations seamlessly

Quickly reply (under your Facebook page’s account) to comments in order to answer a question or correct misinformation.

Automatic hiding to instantly stop trolls

Auto-hide the comments of known bad actors: For instance, if Sally Trollbot consistently makes threatening or false comments on your posts, you can “auto-hide” her comments — so they’re hidden as soon as she makes them.

How Comment Moderation Helps Get Your Message Out

  • Stops trolls from derailing the conversation
  • Lets you keep the facts straight and stop misinformation in its tracks
  • Grows your reach by creating safe, appealing spaces for engagement
  • Frees up your time to work on other efforts

A well-moderated comment section lets real conversations grow and keeps your audience focused on your message — instead of being distracted by toxic attacks or misinformation. And with these tools, this moderation can be handled in just a few minutes!

The only Facebook tool you’ll need