Yes, there are new Facebook ad requirements. And yes, this policy change affects your page! Effective October 2019, any U.S. Facebook page who wants to create or edit ads about social issues, legislation, elections, or politics has to go through the platform’s page authorization process. And since promoted posts or ads are the fastest way to increase your reach, we recommend that every organization or group page complete the new Facebook ad authorization process. Yes, even you! 

Whether or not you have promoted Facebook posts in the past or not, completing the new ads authorization process will ensure that your page can participate in collaborative advocacy campaigns with other organizations and build a stronger community of supporters on Facebook. 

Ready to get started? Let us walk you through the steps to help get you set up to run political or issue ads on Facebook.

Step 1: Set up a new Facebook Business Manager account 

Go to and click “Create Account.”

Create Facebook Business Manager Account screenshot

Step 2: Add Facebook page(s) to Business Manager

Remember: Only the Page admin can complete the entire ad authorization process, so make sure you have that access.

Step 3: Create (or add an existing) Facebook ad account

Facebook ad account overview


Step 4: Add a payment method to the ad account

Your payment method will never be charged unless you create an ad or take steps to promote a post.

Step 5: Add people to Business Manager and assign to page and ad account

Adding trusted members of your team means you won’t be the only one with access to Business Manager, making it easier for others to support ads and campaigns when you’re not available.

Step 6: Apply for authorization to set up “paid for by” ad disclaimers

For Facebook to confirm your identity, you must have two-factor authentication enabled on your account. You’ll also need the following materials available:

  • A U.S. state driver’s license, US state ID card or US passport
    • Make sure to take a clear and focused close-up picture showing all four corners on a flat, dark background
  • A U.S.-based residential mailing address
  • The last 4 digits of your Social Security number


Once requested, a letter containing a code to confirm your identity should arrive at your address within 3-7 days. If your letter doesn’t arrive within 7 days, you can request a new one here:

Step 7: Setup “paid for by” disclaimer for a Facebook page

Advertisers have five ways to get disclaimers approved:

  • Advertisers will receive a “Confirmed Organization” icon on their ads if they provide a U.S. street address, phone number, business email, a matching business website, and complete one of these three options:
    • Tax-registered organization
    • Government organization
    • Federal Election Commission (FEC) registered

Smaller businesses or local politicians who may not have these credentials can choose from two more options. Advertisers who go through these options will receive an “About this Ad” icon.

  • Submit an organization name (still requires a U.S. street address, business phone number, email, and matching website)
  • Page admin’s legal name (same as on their ID documents)

Each ad account that will be used to fund your page’s ads about social issues, elections or politics must be linked to your page and have a disclaimer for each.

To link your ad accounts and set up disclaimers:

  1. Go to your Facebook Page and click Settings in the top-right corner
  2. In the list on the left, click Authorizations
  3. Below Step 2: Link Your Ad Accounts, click Begin
  4. Accept Facebook’s Terms and Conditions
  5. Enable the ad accounts that will be used to pay for your page’s ads about social issues, elections or politics
  6. Click next and choose an approved disclaimer for each ad account specified


If you want to run ads about social issues, elections or politics on Instagram as well as Facebook, you’ll need to authorize your Instagram account.

  1. Go to your Facebook page and click Settings in the top-right corner
  2. In the list on the left, click Authorizations
  3. Below Step 3: Authorize Your Instagram Account (Optional), click Begin
  4. Check the “Review this Instagram” box
  5. If your Instagram and page names aren’t the same, explain why in the text box
  6. Click submit

Step 8: Confirm Facebook page settings are correct (country, city, category, about)


See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? With just eight simple steps you can increase user trust in your page and make it possible to engage in collaborative advocacy campaigns with your industry partners or coalitions. There’s a lot to lose for Facebook page managers who neglect to have their page authorized – and even more to gain for those who complete the process. 


Need more support? Check out this video playlist with step-by-step guides to help you complete the new Facebook ad authorization process.