Why ActionSprout?

Your current and future supporters are on Facebook — but it isn’t always easy to use Facebook to engage them around the activities that matter most to your organization – volunteering, fundraising, advocacy, events, etc…

ActionSprout is the key that unlocks the full potential of Facebook for your organization — to increase supporter engagement on the actions that you need, drive recruitment of new supporters, and capture their data including email addresses so you can supplement the conversation off Facebook.

What ActionSprout Does

The ActionSprout tool uses a Facebook app to move people beyond like, share and comment. Currently, if you want your supporters to sign up for an event or sign a petition, you have to send them away from Facebook to a separate website. But with ActionSprout, they can take that action right in Facebook, greatly increasing activity completion and social sharing. In fact, each time someone completes one of your ActionSprout powered actions, it will produce an average of 1500 impressions across the action taker’s friend network. Virality is so strong that for every fan of a page that takes an action, our customers find that an average of 3 to 5 more non-fans take the action as well, growing your online community.

When a Facebook user completes an ActionSprout action, your organization will receive their information including: name, email, and whether or not they are a fan of your Facebook page. Once you capture this data and export it to your database or email system, you can then use it to cultivate a deeper relationship both on Facebook and off.

How ActionSprout Works

After installing ActionSprout to your Facebook page, it will take less than 5 minutes to create and post one of any 27 new Facebook approved, socially optimized actions (i.e. sign a petition, volunteer on an activity, or pledge to do something) for your supporters to take directly inside Facebook. And it couldn’t be easier for your supporters – just a single click of a button to complete the action.

Engagement Tracking

ActionSprout also provides you with metrics to help you track your supporters’ activity. We capture what they’re liking, sharing, commenting on, what they’re saying, etc… Knowing who your most engaged supporters are, you’ll be able to more effectively target fundraising efforts via email and through higher ROI Facebook ad campaigns.

Inspired Content

ActionSprout’s Inspire helps you find or create great content to post on your wall. Our inspired content feature surfaces the best performing content from across all of the pages your page likes. By repurposing, ActionSprout’s Inspire tab will save you time and help improve the overall performance of your Facebook page.


The ActionSprout team is here to help you succeed on Facebook. Let us know if you have a support question or need any help.